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06/04/2018, Financial Times: Testbirds is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe
The Financial Times and Statista have listed the fastest growing companies in Europe in their ranking FT1000. Testbirds is part of it with a growth rate of 617 % in four years.
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21/06/2017: 5 Best Practices in Test Automation
Test automation can streamline your development process, but not everything is a test case. Read these tips on when and how to best automate your testing.
20/06/2017: Integrating test automation into your development process
Andrew Holt discusses test automation with Georg Hansbauer, CTO of Testbirds.
11/06/2017: Wenn Jobs im Schwarm erledigt werden
Testbirds and crowdworking featured in an item on ZDF national television.
03/08/2015: How to take your sales skills from good to great
Philipp Benkler, founder and managing director of Testbirds, discusses various sales tactics with the Guardian.
17/06/2014: Testbirds' "Bring Your Own Crowd" tests Enterprise apps securely and efficiently
BuzzFeed talks about the lack of regulations in the crowdsourcing industry and features Testbirds’ Code of Conduct.
17/06/2014: German Crowd-Sourced Software Testing Firm Adds Cloud Product
TechCrunch discusses the addition of TestChameleon™ into Testbirds’ service portfolio.
17/06/2014: BuzzFeed talks about the lack of regulations in the crowdsourcing industry and features Testbirds' Code of Conduct
DeveloperTech speaks about Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™, Testbirds’ solution for enterprise app testing.

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