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01/08/2019: Testbirds gain further ground in automotive industry by securing long-term contract

Testbirds, world leaders in crowdsourced testing of digital products, today announced a comprehensive agreement with BMW Group. Following a thorough Request for Proposal process, Testbirds will help further improve digital technology and experiences for drivers by serving as digital testing partner.

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28/03/2019: Optimizing Customer Experience with AI: A Partnership between Testbirds and Cognigy

Testbirds, a world leader in crowdsourced testing, and Cognigy, a market leader in conversati-onal AI, are today announcing a strategic partnership. The cooporation concerns all prospecti-ve matters surrounding Conversational AI. From today moving forward, Testbirds and Cognigy will work together to support organisations with the analysation of conversations between chatbots and/or voice assistants and end-customers in order to evaluate optimization potential and improve customer experience and overall customer satisfaction.
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06/03/2019: Code of Conduct for paid crowdworking gains further ground through the successful introduction of an Ombudsman and the release of their first accountability report

In 2015, Testbirds, world leaders in crowdsourced testing, introduced a Code of Conduct, with the support of the German Association of Crowdsourcing and undersigned by nine leading crowdsourcing providers, which aimed to bring stability and cooperation into a new, unregulated form of labour: Crowdworking. With the introduction of an Ombudsman in November 2017, these guidelines have now been further strengthened. The Ombudsman mediates between opposing interests that can occur when in crowdsourcing business relationships. This development has been a great success, as the first annual report on the activities of the Ombudsman demonstrates. For in-depth information into the Code of Conduct, please click here.
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28/02/2019: Testbirds receives ‘Innovator of the Year’ award

Testbirds is excited to announce that it has been named one of the most innovative companies in Germany, according to brand eins Wissen Magazine and Statista. The ‘Innovator of the Year’ Awards, now in their fourth year, recognise organisations that are driving innovation, leadership and transformation in categories that are critical within their industries.
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13/06/2018: Testbirds tar in 7 miljoner euro – fortsätter satsa på internationell tillväxt

Mjukvaruföretaget Testbirds, som förra året öppnade kontor i Stockholm, fortsätter att växa och säkrar nu en investering på 7 miljoner euro. Testningspecialisten tar in kapital från två nya investerare, båda etablerade i företagets hemtrakter München.
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31/01/2017: Testing specialist introduces Global Real Device Network

From February 27th to March 2nd, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, testing service provider Testbirds will be showcasing and launching a newly developed testing solution: The Global Real Device Network (GRDN). This new testing solution allows companies and organisations to test their applications and software on practically all Android smartphones and tablets in the market, all through Testbirds’ own testing platform.
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22/02/2016: Testing 4.0: Crowdtesting Specialist Testbirds Integrate Cloud Services into Portfolio

The IT service provider, Testbirds, which has so far been known for its crowdsourced software testing services, has realigned its portfolio under the slogan: “Testing 4.0- The Next Generation of Quality”. In the past two years, its services have been continuously ex-tended with new developments such as numerous cloud based technologies that support businesses in the optimisation of their software’s user-friendliness and functionality. To successfully undertake these internal developments, all solutions and tools offered by Testbirds will be united on one platform. Testbirds has convinced the well-known Venture Capitalists EXTOREL, b-to-v and Seventure Partners to invest two million euros into its business model and strategic repositioning.
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18/02/2016: EXTOREL, b-to-v and Seventure invest in the expansion of the testing specialists

Testbirds, one of the world’s leading service providers of innovative software testing solutions has recently received an investment in the amount of two million euros. The IT service provider was able to secure the venture capital com-pany EXTOREL by the successful entrepreneur Falk F. Strascheg and the worldwide operating venture capitalist b-to-v Partners as new investors. In addition, the ac-claimed French VC Company Seventure Partners, who previously invested in Testbirds in 2014, have once again joined the investment round, maintaining their position as primary investor.
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09/07/2015: Leading crowdsourcing companies present self-imposed Code of Conduct

The famous crowdsourcing providers: clickworker, Streetspotr and Testbirds have jointly drawn up a code of conduct with the support of the German Association of Crowdsourcing, which should govern future cooperation between providers, clients and crowdworkers. The code of conduct was presented for the first time to the public on the 8th of July, 2015 as a part of a panel discussion with representatives from the economic, scientific and labour sector. The aim is to complement current legislation that establishes a set of general guidelines which make crowdworking a new form of working, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone involved. The Code of Conduct is readily available and open for signatures to all interested companies. In addition, it will be continuously developed as required.
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09/12/2014: Crowdtesting provider Testbirds expands its services with automated testing solution TestChameleon

Europe’s leading crowdtesting provider, Testbirds, announced the arrival of TestChameleon, a new service that enables software testing with virtual machines (VMs). Through the service, companies and organizations are able to extensively test their applications on a wide range of operating systems, without the need of acquiring each environment for in-house testing. In essence, it facilitates them to run tests of their software to analyze for compatibility and inconsistencies. TestChameleon received recognition and support from the German Ministry for Economic Affairs for its development.
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