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Our company was founded in 2011 in Munich, Germany and specializes on providing innovative solutions to software testing. We call that Testing 4.0. Simply put, we trust in a crowd formed out of an internet community as well as on the newest cloud technologies to enhance the quality of digital products. In addition, we have coined the term “crowdtesting” and leveraged it to breakthrough on an international basis. Today we have over 250,000 worldwide users registered on our platform who test the user friendliness and functionality of websites, apps, wearables and games under real life conditions. As experts in user experience and quality assurance, our experienced project managers help our clients improve the quality of their software. Furthermore, we have developed TestChameleon™, a unique digital product that allows you to perform software tests manually and automatically through virtual machines.

However, our world is not only limited to software testing. As one of the leading crowdsourcing providers in Europe, we are also aware of our entrepreneurial responsibilities and strive to make the new form of employment known as crowdworking into a win-win situation for all participants involved. We stand for fair working conditions. Therefore, we have initiated a Code of Conduct, which aims to provide a level of standardization for the entire crowdsourcing industry through a set of guidelines.

Do you have any questions regarding the world of startups or crowdworking? Are you looking for experts who are able to answer all of your questions about topics such as software testing, apps, Internet of Things or usability? Contact us for this and much more!

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